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Personal Taxation, Corporate Taxation Services,Taxation Structuring, Indirect Taxation

These services include advise related to legal and natural persons tax-related matters.

VAT Registration / VAT Deregistration 

Application for the Value Added Tax number for the company or application to deregister a VAT Number.

Monthly / Quarterly VAT Returns / MOSS Returns 

Based on type of registration, the company will submit monthly or quarterly VAT/MOSS returns.

VAT Recapitulative Statements

In case where the trading company makes sales to EU customers under the reverse charge mechanism, a recapitulative statement needs to be submitted. We will assist you with the submission of such reports in order to ensure that you are compliant with VAT regulations.

Annual Return

Every company needs to submit an annual return with the registry of company.

Tax Refund Claims

A shareholder in receipt of a dividend distributed by a Malta company may claim a refund of Malta tax paid. This would apply after an analysis of the eligibility of a Malta tax refund to the non-Malta resident shareholders.

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