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Employee Recruitment

Compile and Submit all the Forms for employee recruitment and engagement.

PE Number Application

Companies who are employing people need to hold a PE Number. We are able to assist with the Application for obtaining a PE Number for the Company.

Employment Licenses, Application & Renewals and Work Permits

Compile and Submit all the Forms for an application for an Employment License (Third Country Nationals) and also annual renewals.

Payroll Management

Monthly Payroll Management.

Annual FS3

In compliance with the employment legislation, an annual FS3 is to be issued to each employee.

Monthly FS4

This Form has to be filled and submitted where there is a material change in the employee's details (Tax rate).

Monthly FS5

Companies holding employees are obliged to submit a monthly FS5 to the Commissioner for Revenue.

Annual FS7

A company is also obliged to submit an FS7 on an annual basis.

Employment Termination

We are able to provide and carry out all formalities for employment terminations.

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